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The Negresco Hotel, History in the making

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Baieta Spritz à l'Hôtel Negresco

The history

The Hotel Negresco Nice, a Mecca of the Belle Epoque and luxury tourism of the early 20th century, has continued to evolve to mark all eras and set the tone for the city of Nice where it sits enthroned on the Promenade des Anglais. At the Negresco, you will find yourself at the heart of a great history that has lasted for more than a century! Named after its builder, Henri Negrescu, born in Romania and from Nice at heart, the hotel opened its doors in 1913 in the presence of more than seven crowned heads of Europe. Since then, the parade of great characters has not stopped: Winston Churchill, Michael Jackson. Salvador Dali, Grace Kelly, Louis Armstrong and many more. Since its beginnings, the hotel has been marked by the technical and artistic avant-garde, up to the present day. We cite among others the Belle Epoque Paul Dumas furniture, statues by Nikki de Saint-Phalle, and many 6,000 ancient and contemporary masterpieces which appear there thanks to the artistic passion of the late Jeanne Augier, owner from 1956 to 2013, which knew how to blow on the sacred fire of the place. Upstairs, in the rooms furnished with signed pieces, you will find yourself at the heart of this great epicurean and artistic history.


Le Restaurant le Chantecler is under the aegis of Virginie Basselot, elected Meilleur Ouvrière de France in 2015. Her gastronomic table at the Negresco has earned her the award of a star in the Michelin Guide with the mention “A cuisine of great finesse. Worth the step! “. The Michelin does not fail to mention the sumptuous setting of this restaurant which overlooks the Mediterranean.

Salon Versailles

At the bar of the Versailles lounge, in the dining room, you will find yourself in a cozy atmosphere of neo-Rococo decor, where you will sip a signature cocktail under the haughty gaze of the Sun King. And if you want the sun for good, the terrace offers you a view of the Baie des Anges. There, you will drink under the joyful eye of trumpeter Miles Davis of Nikki de Saint Phalle, symbol of the Nice Jazz Festival, the cocktails created by the team under the aegis of Frédérick Kurtz, which are quite simply divine. We tasted the Baieta Spritz (with Soleia Nice orange liqueur) and the Wasabi Martini. Sublime! At Soleia Nice, we are very proud to be on the Negresco menu, and although inflated, we consider Le Baieta Spritz to be the best spritz in the world. A challenge to take up… It should be noted that your visit to the Versailles bar or the Chantecler, according to Jeanne Augier’s wishes, gives you the right to stroll under the central glass roof to admire the works of art and artefacts of this hotel, centerpiece of our city, a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

The team

And above all, this artistic and epicurean finesse is crowned by the politeness, good humor and assurance of a team that welcomes you with elegance and panache! This place is a poem and I join the audience in congratulating the hotel team for this masterful performance. Bravissimo! Our return is assured.The history



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